PRODUCTSIndustrial Machinery

We achieved popularity in industrial machinery field that aim for high-efficiency and labor-saving such as factory automation (FA), flexible manufacturing system and different kinds of automated assembly lines. In addition, with our plastic and rubber molding machine, metal and ceramic processing equipment, other products and services, we take part of major role in the development of key industry such as automotive and food related industry.

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  • Automated Assembly Equipment

    尊龙在线平台Based on each production site situation, our factory automation expert provide solution with facilities and design improvement. We promote factory automation together with customers. This is possible only with a machinary trading company carries wide range of machine like us.


  • Industrial 3D Printing Systems (Laminated Object Manufacturing)

    We offer Voxeljet industrial 3D printers from Germany, which produce the largest 3D printing among the world. It makes production of complex sand molds possible , as well as high-quality low-residue wax patterns using special acrylic resin developed by Voxeljet, without the need for undercut configurations. Comparing to conventional processes model, Voxeljet machine helps to reduce costs and shorten lead time. With the possibility of making manufacturing efficiency higher, it has been adopted by major manufacturers in Europe and the United States.


  • Inspection Equipment

    We supply various types of inspection equipment such as thickness meter, container inspection equipment, other kinds of measuring equipments and thermography to meet the high-quality standard nowsaday. We make the system that linked to production control and traceability possible. With the know-how and experience from thousands of inspection equipment, we offer our incomparable unique solutions to customers.


  • Metalworking / Processing Equipment

    We supply a wide range of equipment such as die casting machines, machining centers which are necessary for each metalworking process from material feeding, pressing, casting, washing, until inspection. Customization of machine based on customers’requirements is possible too.


  • Other Specialized Processing Equipment

    Vibration welding machines, laser processing machines, deburring machines, we provide various types of processing equipment. Other than made in Japan, we offer machines from all over the world. Especially Korean-made vibration welding machines which providing high-quality welding with a reasonable price, is our best seller in European and US manufacturers.


  • Plastic Molding / Processing Equipment

    We supply resin molding processing equipment such as injection molding machines, vacuum molding machines and extruders. We have a solid track record in the plastic industry mainly on automotive and food-related industry for over 50 years. To support customers' global expansion, we organized our team all over the world. Furthermore, we provide defect rate improvement solution and technical support on site.


  • Surface Treatment Equipment

    We provide surface treatment solution for wide range of process from printing, vapor deposition, sputtering to plating, either individual machine or in-line installed. With the know-how and equipment supplied from around the world, we provide the most suitable solution for the needs from different industries including home appliances, electronics, automotive, housing facilities and aerospace.