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We have been getting ahead of the times and addressing high-efficiency, energy-saving, and environmental measures in the fields of energy development, plant construction. We have been doing consulting businesses in the fields of gas and petroleum refinery, paper manufacturing, engineering, factory infrastructure, and all types of maintenances. By doing so, we will make our customers’ projects successful. In recent years we have been working on prevailing renewable energy such as binary generation systems and solar power systems.

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  • AI for industrial use

    Cross Compass

    We provide solutions for AI used Abnormal Detection, Picture Recognition as well as Process Optimization.
    Application Field;
    1. Process Optimization in pettochemical, pharmaceutical and electronics industries.
    2. Abnormal Detection and Preventive Maitenance for plant operation.
    3. Picture recognition for error detection.

  • Centrifugal Chiller(Available in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand)

    Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems, Ltd.

    Available with wide range of operating temperatures and capacities from 150RT to 6,000RT. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems being the no. 1 manufacturer of centrifugal chiller in Japan, have always placed their design philosophy on achieving highest performance and reliability without having to compromise on environment impact through adoption of the latest ultra-low GWP HFO refrigerant. Hence Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems has been widely used for air conditioning, process cooling and thermal storage in the various markets below.
    1. Petrochemical and chemical plant
    2. Semiconductor factory
    3. Food & pharmaceutical plant
    4. District cooling system
    5. Health care and educational institutions etc.

  • Dry Vacuum Pump and Rotary Blower

    Unozawa-gumi Iron works, LTD.

    93 years of experience in refining industry as well as petrochemical industry will give you the most reliable equipment and operation.
    Also dry vacuum technology would increase your product value.
    Application Field;
    1. Pharmaceatical for solvent recoveryl.
    尊龙在线平台 2. Refinery as well as petrochemical plant.

  • Film Evapolator

    A highly efficient evaporator for concentration, solvent recovery for reuse, removal of toxic materials from wastewater and drying mid-products into powders.
    1. Food Industry.
    2. Pharmaceutical Industry.
    3. Petrochemical & Chemical Industry.
    4. Environmental Protection
    5. Semiconductor Manufacturing Process


  • Filtration Process Equipment

    We can provide variety of filering technologies, i.e. filter with 0.1 micron porous, special filter which can endure up to 900 degC / 3,000psi as well as slitted wire filters. Depending upon your requirement, we can procure from Japan, China, South East Asea as well as USA.
    Apllication Field;
    1. Pharmaceatical Plant.
    2. Water Treatment Facility.
    3. Petrochemical Process Plant.


  • Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump & Compressor

    World wide sourcing function will provide best fit for your application. Custom made design would give you flexibility for your operation.
    Application Field;
    1. Oil and Gas Industry.
    尊龙在线平台 2. Petrochemical Plant.


  • Manufacturing Equipment for Lithium Ion Battery

    HVAC, Material Mixer, Material Conveying System, Coater, Dryer, Packing Machine, Charging Machine and etc.

    We can provide full stream of manufacturing as well as inspection machine for manufacturing of Lithium Ion Battery.

  • NOx Treatment System, Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer, Thermal Oxidizer and Cataryst Thermal Oxidixer

    We can offer variety of thermal treatment system depending on what gasses you are emiting and wha gasses you want to make harmless.
    Application Field;
    1. Semiconductor manufacturing process
    2. Petrochemical Plant.
    尊龙在线平台 3. Any plant uses organic solvent


  • Pressure Vessel, Reactor , Mixer, Heat Exchanger and Process Equipment

    Depending on where you located, even though from Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, we can provide internation procurement.
    Application Field;
    1. Oil and Gas production field.
    2. Refinery and Petrochemical plant.
    3. Pharmaceutical plant
    4. Food Industry


  • Process Chemicals and Water Treatment Chemicals(Available in Singapore)

    Baker Hughes Service

    We can provide you with variety of water treatment chemicals as well as peripheral service. i.e. Wastewater treatment chemicals and cooling water treatment chemicals. Also we can provide chemical solutions for petrochemical plant, i.e. ethylene plant and SBR plant.
    Application Field;
    1. Cooling tower water treatment chemical as well as fully automated injection system.
    2. Wastewater treatment chemicals.
    3. Petrochemical reaction process control chemical.
    尊龙在线平台 4. Sludge treatment chemicals in refinery and petrochemical plant.

  • Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger

    A high-performance heat exchanger specialized for high viscous materials equipped with scraping blades and mixing pins which facilitate the efficient heat exchanging as well as mixing in a short time to minimize a chance of heat deterioration of products.
    1. Food industry (Chocolate / Margarine
    2. Cosmetics / Pharmaceutical industry
    3. Chemical industry