In the field of electronic mounting, semiconductors, and liquid crystal display module assembly, we have been reforming manufacturing processes centering on electric circuit forming technology by providing various types of PCB inspection machines, peripherals, electronic materials, and others. We will give the best solutions to our customers, utilizing our own world-wide network.

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  • Automated Systems

    尊龙在线平台We have been focusing on sales of automated production lines. We will provide high-quality equipment at a reasonable price as per customers’ requirements, such as our own developed products which enable electronic parts insertion and soldering at the same time, parallel link robots, and soldering systems co-developed with Horiuchi Electronics and us, utilizing their cutting-edge laser technology.


  • Car Electronics

    Car technology has been technically making progress in the way of environmentally-friendliness and safety. It is car electronics products such as semiconductors, sensors, and modules that play an important role in the point of environmentally-friendliness and safety. We will meet customers’ requirements in the car electronics field in which more precise and safer products are required year after year. We are enhancing our lineup, including assembly, and inspection machines for power devices used in electric hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, and fuel cell vehicles. We will contribute to the next-generation automotive industry.


  • Display, Electronic Device

    Combining production equipment with our solid track record and peripherals, enables us to provide them as a high-efficiency production line in the display and electronic device fields. We have good after-sales service teams including solution engineers to meet the needs of advanced manufacturing processes.
    We are able to fully support customers working on high-efficiency manufacturing processes through our extensive knowledge.


  • Panasonic SMT Systems

    Panasonic is a leading manufacturer in the electronics mounting field. We have been selling Panasonic SMT systems for over 30 years. Our offices are located throughout the world to support our customers.
    尊龙在线平台 We can make arrangements such as delivery schedule adjustments according to our customers’ requirements, and flexible financial schemes including leasing and rental.


  • Solution Business

    We recommend fiber-systems which make shift points in mounting quality visualized by combining Panasonic SMT systems and Nagoya Electric Works’ solder printing inspection systems (SPIs) or automated optical Inspection systems (AOIs). These new systems enable quality control, maintenance, and traceability.
    Also we will support our customers’ production activities so that their production lines perform as best as possible in any business environment by utilizing our long-time extensive know-how.